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Travel Behind the Scenes

ZAAF - Made in Africa: Our crew climbed an active volcano, camped for days without electricity, and yet we somehow managed to photograph an advertising campaign in one of the hottest places on Earth- the Danakil Desert of Northern Ethiopia. This project for ZAAF Collection will go down as one of my top 5 favorite photoshoots of all time- a special project for both the overall vision as well as the journey creating it. The documentary above is a raw look into the journey as filmed by the our local crew- both the grueling aspects as well as the camaraderie among our team that kept positive spirits during the entire journey.

Human by Nature - Kerala, India: At age 17, I saved every dollar I had, drawn to India as a beginner photographer. I’ve been back here many times since— always driven by a personal project and inspired by the people of India. Today those same people have now brought me back. This is my first commissioned work in India— a tourism campaign for Kerala. It’s an emotional milestone to everything I’ve done here before. The recognition that a local Indian advertising agency and their client- the state of Kerala itself, acknowledge my work enough to trust me with this monumental project is truly a blessing. We’re here to do more than bring Kerala’s rich reputation as a traveler’s haven back to the forefront. We’re here to help restore the residual economy back to its glory before the devastating floods of 2018. Nearly 500 people lost their lives in the flooding, and furthermore the damage inhibited much of Kerala’s economic relation to tourism and travel. I am humbled by the people’s resolve, the resiliency of nature to rebuild, and the abundance of stories that fill every corner of Kerala.

Tombo’s Wound - Sierra Leone: A behind the scenes look at my photo series for WaterAid. Rather than just creating images that underscored Tombohuaun’s plight, WaterAid and I envisioned a cultural study of the community that would highlight its resilience, its fraternity, its highly organized structure, and its work ethic. These are all the things that will enable the village to thrive and sustain its clean water resources and practices long after WaterAid has completed its work. These photographs became the visual backbone for WaterAid's Untapped campaign, which raised a staggering £4.2 million and was further matched by the UK Government to take the total above £8 million. The entire image series can be found on my blog here.

The Hunt for Nomadic Friends - Southern Ethiopia: Over a year after principle photography of People of the Delta, I returned to the Omo Valley to collect the last missing pieces of the film. I needed to track down my nomadic subjects one last time, who had moved away to other corners of Ethiopia. To watch People of the Delta and see more behind the scenes videos, visit the People of the Delta Blog Post.

Beyond - Varanasi, India: Filmed by my friend, Cale Glendening, "Beyond" follows me on a trip to Varanasi, India for my photo series, Holy Men.